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23 Aug 2013

Evans above, Bassaleg

Have been very lucky with the above.  My forebear Margaret Evans listed as born about 1792 'Basilica' in the census - and this was the name some people called Bassaleg.  Couldn't find her baptism at all till signing up with MonGenes and there she was in 1792 and with a twin Blanche to boot.

Blanche was the name of Margaret's first child (my direct line) and the name has carried on down the generations in Pennsylvania and in Bargoed, near Merthyr Tydfil.

I didn't expect to find anything much about the siblings of Margaret but it turns out one of them - Mary - was listed on Ancestry as having married secondly in 1837 in Newport.  This was really helpful as in 1837 the father's name (Charles Evans, fireman) was given, so proving she was my Margaret's sister  - the age and birthplace in the census helped to match all that together.  This meant Mary must have been the Mary who'd married Rees Edmunds.

Then - on MonGenes I had the bright idea of searching under father's name.  This enabled me to find marriage of Rachel (widow) to Mr Wixey in 1887 at Bassaleg, with her father's name given as Rees Edmunds.  This meant she was a child of Mary, even though there's no baptism at all.  Rachel's first marriage (found on findmypast) also says the father was Rees.

So there are some twigs and pieces of the Evans line and details of the occupation of Margaret's father which isn't bad at all.  Plus it appears that her mother (and a stepfather?) witness her marriage in 1810 (age 18) which would fit - as the birth of Blanche (though not baptism) follows shortly after, I'll assume she was expecting and the parents stood over her to watch the marriage happen.

No word of what happened to the twin.

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