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6 Apr 2014

Matrimonial mischief in Somerset

Tusk and tusk - what a to-do!

Thomas Creed the farmer set his friends and went after information concerning the servants.  The servants were paid handsomely one supposes for their hard work, and this is what they found:

Catherine Clement, Catherine Lane and John Ludwell were the servants.

Lane pretended to be asleep on the chair.  After her mistress had ensured the servant was asleep (what kind of house is this?), she and her paramour Webb went to a back door, unlocking and unbarring it. There was a way through to the Oxstall. The mistress returned a quarter of an hour later, Webb having made his way home. This had happened often in the past, Clement had
noticed straw on Mrs Creed's back several times...

The full story is available here: Creed contra Creed
For more examples see: Marriage Capers

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