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25 Mar 2016

Six generation birthplace chart

This is #MyColorfulAncestry chart credit to J. Paul Hawthorne.  

A couple of the 32 places on the right-hand-side lead somewhere else entirely.  The Monmouthshire lady brings two more counties to the yard, while Cumberland's mother was said in the 1841 census to be born in Scotland.  And one of the Cornwalls has an Irish grandfather.

Many places appear just once. The Kent box is misleading as this was a Cornishwoman born while her parents were travelling around Britain.

If you think this is diverse, check out the Dibben lasses, or their kin the Huttons, who occupied up to 20 counties within a generation by sheer force of stagecoach.  That's all massively trumped by my cousin Arthur Taylor's bride who takes in 13 COUNTRIES in her life across the globe.

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