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2 May 2016

Britain at war - some key roles at home and in the forces

The following 1440 individuals are listed as their occupations during the war are known.
This is just a fraction of the British population but might contain your relative.
Further information will be available in June 2016.

George William Hammond Attride messenger Royal Academy
Charles William Smallbrook senior examiner Admiralty
Christopher John Type contracts clerk Admiralty
Frederick Ernest Beardsell civil policeman Admiralty
John Patrick James Kelly overseer Admiralty
Stanley George Still experimental assistant Admiralty
Willey Ernest Noble chief instructor Admiralty
William James Sibley clerk at Admiralty
William Thomas Beaton ship overseer Admiralty
Joseph Henry Erwood clerk at The Admiralty
William Alfred Leedom fire inspector at Admiralty
Frank Albert Edward Wright clerk to the Admiralty
Randall Leggett Waters electrical superintendent to the Admiralty
Wilfred George Baldry secretary-treasurer British Seventh-day Adventists
Arthur Albert Smith motor driver AFS
George Kneale Edwards section officer AFS
George Kneale Edwards section officer AFS
Jack Thomas Arthur Gregory fireman AFS
Richard George Marshall patrol officer AFS
William Frederick Honeyball leading fireman AFS
Oscar Thomas Baker petty officer Fleet Air-arm
Peter Charles Armour station manager British Airways
Albert Charles Hughes traffic official British Overseas Airways
Robert Denis Baillie Hodges traffic assistant British Airways
Louis Kaye Beaumont Jackson supplies officer British Overseas Airways
Arthur William Rita ambulance officer ARP
Cater Ralph Conyers control officer ARP
Herbert Cecil Steel first-aid party ARP
Percy Frank Hayward official in ARP
Vincent Gathoine Dean chief warden ARP
Walter William Ward district superintendent ARP
Alfred James Powell civil defence worker ARP
Henry John Long heavy rescue service ARP
Joseph Valentine Miller first aid officer ARP
William Charles Herbert Burton stretcher bearer ARP
Charles Dobell Chambers examiner Royal Arsenal
Charles William Shipman labourer Royal Arsenal
Frederick Charles Bailey employee Royal Arsenal
Patrick Joseph Cullen examiner Woolwich Arsenal
Robert McRoberts Brown derk Royal Arsenal
Robert Noel Fisher progressman Royal Arsenal
Walter Percival Shields examiner Woolwich Arsenal
Frank Essery Holliday assistant foreman Royal Arsenal
Frank William Croft technical assistant Royal Arsenal
Frederick Henry Turner storehouse assistant RN Arsenal
George Frederick Walter Jones clerk Royal Arsenal
Hugh John Maunder armaments foreman Woolwich Arsenal
John Brinley Davies process worker at Arsenal
Thomas Benjamin Dorgan examiner in Royal Arsenal
Barrington John Arnall gunner Royal Artillery
Horace Joseph Marsden gunner Royal Artillery
Norman James Burrows bombardier Royal Artillery
Percy Douglas Pipe-Wolferstan acting lance-bombardier Royal Canadian Artillery
Arthur Frederick Downing reporter Press Association
John Christopher Grogan clerk Weavers Association
Samuel James Ackland inspector Automobile Association
William Edward Ridgard inspector Automobile Association
Augustus Alexander Chaine-Nickson secretary Liverpool Cotton Association
Donald Vickers Sykes area secretary Automobile Association
Frederic Kearton Robertson secretary to Coke Association
Frederick Leslie Harris reception clerk Automobile Association
William James Billings regional secretary Automobile Association
Allan Richard Bennett clerk to Pig Breeders Association
Percy Davies Michael retired secretary Master Printers Association
Arthur Roland King-Farlow incorporated accountants The South African Association
Edward Derry Vickers depot manager Wholesale Meat Traders Association
George Henry Sydenham supplie official Welsh National Memorial Association
Hailes Edward Lawrence Freytag technical information officer British Non-ferrous Metals Research Association
Louisa Elizabeth Loveday widow Royal Exchange Assurance
Lewis Loftus Baker sub-bank manager Port Elizabeth Assurance
Wesley George Stephen Jolliffe technical instructor ATS
James Nicholls sub-foreman for Port Authority
Robert Rea Bell clerk CD Authority
Harry Maddison accountant and chief clerk Grimsby Education Authority
Cecil John Sheldon fireman Royal Fleet Auxiliary
Derek Arthur Rivers Cripps first officer Air Transport Auxiliary
Sydney Stuart Fender Dalgleish chief officer Royal Fleet Auxiliary
Edward Mawer manager Trustee Savings Bank
John Martin agent for British Linen Bank
Thomas Howard Wordsworth solicitor the Bloomfield Bank
Derrick Thomas Bomford chief cashier Trustee Savings Bank
Eustace Stephenson GiLLett solicitor Rock Island Savings Bank
George James Cullum Welch solicitors First National Bank
Sydney Charles Dawe solicitor Continental Illinois National Bank
Victor John Weeks bank official Central Hanover Bank
William Edward Cornet Copp actuary Coventry Savings Bank
Albert Frederick Grady studio attendant BBC
David William Roberts education officer BBC
Frederick Percy Edgar regional director BBC
Harold Hudson Stainton administrative officer BBC
Frederick Wolff Ogilvie director general BBC
Dick Leaver Pepper writer for the BBC
Albert Webber clerk to Petroleum Board
Arthur Ernest Farr engineer Petroleum Board
Brinley Rees clerk Unemployment Assistance Board
Charles Robert Stacey handyman Transport Board
Douglas Gordon Duff manager Petroleum Board
Frederick Ernest Griffiths clerk Petroleum Board
Frederick Froom district operator Petroleum Board
Frederick Richard Hammick superintendant Transport Board
John Edward Nethercott inspector Transport Board
Percy Tom Bisby cashier Petroleum Board
Percy William Dexter inspector Petroleum Board
Sidney Charles Cooper handyman Transport Board
Stanley Hodgson area officer Assistance Board
Stanley Stark area officer Assistance Board
Sydney Harold Wood official Petroleum Board
Thomas Charnley investigating officer Assistance Board
William Edwards inspector Metropolitan Water Board
Albert Edward Goddard driver London Transport Board
Albert John Thomas Wilson driver Transport Board
Arthur Catt employee London Passenger Transport Board
Arthur James Ives official Metropolitan Water Board
Arthur Leonard Lawrie departmental manager Petroleum Board
Charles Owen Jones district operator Petroleum Board
Charles Philp Collins engineer Metropolitan Water Board
Dalton Stuart Carlisle auditor Milk Marketing Board
David George Downes section head Petroleum Board
Edgar Thomas Jones pensioner Metropolitan Water Board
Francis George Coles pensioner Metropolitan Water Board
Frank Howard Moore managerial clerk Petroleum Board
Frederick Charles Free acting clerk Catchment Board
Frederick William Mayne pensioned gratesman Water Board
George Maile official London Passenger Transport Board
George Wilfred Wright official Milk Marketing Board
Harry Brown deputy chief clerk Petroleum Board
Harry Riches district operator for Petroleum Board
Hector Mackenzie Copland clerk Metropolitan Water Board
Henry Minns filter-bed ganger Metropolitan Water Board
Hiram Edgar Jones senior clerk petroleum Board
James Charles Slade draughtsman Metropolitan Water Board
John Shephard inspector London Passenger Transport Board
Leonard Thomas Victor Bonham clerk Petroleum Board
Leslie George Harris paymaster London Transport Board
Leslie Harold Howard assistant accountant Petroleum Board
Percy William Ingle employee Ouse Draining Board
Percy William Rixon fitter Metropolitan Water Board
Reginald Benjamin Rofe clerk to Petroleum Board
Robert Hanchard signalman London Passenger Transport Board
Robert Samuel Rainbow inspector Metropolitan Water Board
Walter Francis Pascoe shipping manager Petroleum Board
Walter Robert Humphries employee Metropolitan Water Board
William Aubrey Cartwright superintendent Metropolitan Water Board
William Edward Johnson officers Metropolitan Water Board
William Harry Kelk secretary to Diocesan Board
William Thomas Smith stoker Metropolitan Water Board
Albert Edward Burrell engine driver London Transport Board
Albert Edward George Evans official London Transport Board
Arthur George John Gauntlett inspector Metropolitan Water Board
Arthur George John Gauntlett inspector Metropolitan Water Board
Arthur Harry John Hammond inspector Metropolitan Water Board
Arthur Vincent Merralls omnibus driver Passenger Transport Board
Christopher Joseph Townley Walker official Unemployment Assistance Board
Claude Richard Coleman Hillyard district operator Petroleum Board
Donald Vaughan Johnston chief inspector Central Welsh Board
George James Alban McCann official Milk Marketing Board
Gerald Walker Hughes clerk with the Petroleum Board
Henry James Wesley Howell guard London Transport Board
Henry Thomas Hutchins guard London Passenger Transport Board
Henry Walter Kimber administrative clerk Milk Marketing Board
Horace George Eldon assistant regional manager Petroleum Board
James Proctor Berry clerk to the Water Board
Leicester Cecil Peregrine Scaife regional manager Petroleum Board
Maurice Eugene Bird conductor London Passenger Transport Board
Percy Charles Hoare depot clerk London Transport Board
Ralph Ace Cann Oil Co-ordination Petroleum Board
Raymond Laurence Simmonds clerk London Passenger Transport Board
Raymond Laurence Simmonds clerk London Passenger Transport Board
Richard John Tamblyn retired employee Metropolitan Water Board
Sidney Charles Broadwater assistant collector for Water Board
Sidney Ernest Bennett foreman River Severn Catchment Board
Stanley Philip Farrow Kendall chief clerk Petroleum Board
Walter George Lawrence clerk London Passenger Transport Board
William Henry Dunbar driver London Passenger Transport Board
William John George regional officer Fish Control Board
William Wallace Howells clerk London Passenger Transport Board
Douglas William Harding assistant regional officer Milk Marketing Board
Ernest Edward Bull retired district foreman Metropolitan Water Board
Frederick Alfred George Rose property inspector London Transport Board
Frances Marion Glass Hinckes widow Ernest Edwin Diggoryclerktothe LuggDrainage Board
George Robert Davidson local manager Northern Ireland Road Transport Board
Reginald Alfred Jeffery regional officer to the Milk Marketing Board
Cyril Victor Canning chief clerk to the Cambridge University Appointments Board
Norman Whittaker chief officer Fire Brigade
Percy Thomas fireman London Fire Brigade
Seymour Shore fireman London Fire Brigade
Francis William Whiteley chief officer Fire Brigade
Frederick Percy Gosling sub-officer London Fire Brigade
Herbert Thomas Smith member London Fire Brigade
John Joseph Hale fireman London Fire Brigade
Edwin Henry Hill collector St John Ambulance Brigade
Philip Dudley Harrold St Johns officer Ambulance Brigade
William Cox retired station officer London Fire Brigade
Adolphus Frank Coombs retired station officer Londcn Fire Brigade
Henry William Sandaver retired station officer London Fire Brigade
Albert Edward Coller officers messenger War Cabinet
James Cormack trade commissioner for Canada
John Asbridge Akitt trust officer the Royal Tnist Company Canada
John Herbert Hollinshead clerk Ship Canal
Ernest Shaw superintendent at Manchester Ship Canal
Charles Henry Brabazon Heaton-Ellis knight CBE
Bernard Lawrence Higson ambulance driver CD
George John Bunce Bidgood clerk MA CF
Albert Edward Bickley minister Free Church
Abraham Cohen minister Hebrew United Congregational Church
Jeannie Gwendoline Coulson widow Robert Geoffrey Church
John Vere Fordham Maunsell deacon Roman Catholic Church
Frank John Climb Dyer rescue worker Civil Defence
Roland Cecil Sneyd Hunt captain RN CMG
Charles Colies superintendent Medway Technical College
David Davies lecturer at Caerleon College
David Watson principal Gloucester Technical College
Patrick Arthur Macindoe bursar Eton College
Frederick Walter Goddard house-master at Winchester College
Walter James Rowe Fleet instructor Royal Naval College
William John Martin instructor Royal Naval Engineering College
Eustace Whereat Turner MA retired headmaster Heme Bay College
George Henry Hall HM under-secretary for the Colonies
Christopher Allan general labourer Forestry Commission
Peter Lacy Day foreman Forestry Commission
Blyth Johnson clerk with Tyne Improvement Commission
George Albert Smaling principal clerk Tyne Improvement Commission
George William Cook clerk with Tyne Improvement Commission
Frederick Thomas Nattrass general manager to Tees Conservancy Commission
Ernest Archibald Page clerk Tyne Commissioners
Edgar Raymond Williams clerk Tyne Improvement Commissioners
Tom Watson Pletts clerk with Traffic Commissioners
John Thomas Grisdale retired clerk to Maryport Harbour Commissioners
George Albert Andrews retired assistant accountant to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners
George Frederick Block retired clerk to the British Phosphate Commissioners
Harry Edwin Curtis retired clerk Higher Education Com-mitee
Arthur Kay secretary to Local Education Committee
Arthur Lloyd clerk to Coventry Assessment Committee
Harold Edward Adams employee War Agriculture Committee
Henry John Loe clerk to Education Committee
William Davies machinery officer War Agricultural Committee
Herbert Oswald Berridge clerk to Leek Guardians Committee
Ernest James Burgess clerk to St Albans Guardians Committee
Francis Alfred Bush clerk to Kings Lynn Assessment Committee
Frank Treharne West clerk to Cheshire County Insurance Committee
Hedley Fisher assistant executive officer War Agricultural Executive Committee
Henry John Loe clerk to St Albans Education Committee
John Lewis district officer with Monmouthshire War Agricultural Committee
William Corcoran assistant labour organiser Worcestershire War Agricultural Committee
John Henry Lewis Pryce clerk to the Public Assistance Committee
Thomas Idwal Jones executive officer for Radnor War Agricultural Committee
William Usher town clerk and clerk to the Public Assistance Committee
John Herbert Henwood clerk to The Carnarvonshire County War Agricultural Committee
John Price Thomas Powell district officer to War Agricultural Executive Committee
Harold Arthur Godwin senior clerk to The Essex County War Agricultural Executive Committee
Joan Vaughan Thomas spinster the Royal Trust CompanvL
Harley Monk Palmer superintendent International Marconi Company
George Anderson Edwards driver GWR Company
Harry Knox solicitor Manufacturers Trust Company
Harry Maynard patrolman London Power Company
Albert Victor Sydenham superintendent Prudential Assurance Company
Arthur Ernest Jones clerk Petroleum Distribution Company
Charles Edward Fountain official City Livery Company
Charles OzzzMalley solicitor The Crown Trust Company
George Stanley Pott solicitor Sanford Trust Company
Harold Burge assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Company
Harry Notley commissionaire British Reinforced Concrete Company
John Humphries collector Gas Light Coke Company
Sidney Ernest Calvert solicitors Mercantile Trust Company
Stanley Saul Spurling solicitor Irving Trust Company
Stanley Saul Spurling solicitor Union Trust Company
Edward Morgan Wyatt clerk with Bristol Aeroplane Company
Arthur Douglas Crease and the Canada Trust Company
Everard Kenneth Brown solicitors New Rochelle Trust Company
Frank Edward Watson bank officials Montreal Trust Company
George Laurence Stewart solicitors State Street Trust Company
Harold Seymour Adams retired superintendent British Petroleum Company
Herbert Mayor Leman solicitor Burlington County Trust Company
Herbert Norman Vann solicitors the Premier Trust Company
Horace William Rogerson depot inspector Anglo-American Oil Company
John Asbridge Akitt trust officer Royal Trust Company
John Greathead chief clerk Manchester Ship Canal Company
John Vaughan Thomas spinster the Royal Trust Company
John Woodman company directors The Central Trust Company
Norman Howard Austin resident inspector Royal Insurance Company
Henry Montague Knight company accountant Union County Trust Company
James William Thurstan Holland solicitors The Frankford Trust Company
William Roberts MacGregor chartered accountant the Lesser Goldman Company
Frederick Stanley Long supervisor and manager with Royal Trust Company
Charles Frederick Stewart solicitors managing clerk The Northern Trust Company
Cyril Neville Wallace Calder retired official Bombay Steam Navigation Company
Edmund Frazer sergeant Royal Ulster Constabulary
John Russell pensioner Royal Irish Constabulary
Martin Hassett ex-sergeant Royal Irish Constabulary
Thomas Francis Halfacre ex-superintendent Berks Constabulary
William McCoach ex-sergeant Royal Irish Constabulary
Edgar William Eeles sergeant War Department Constabulary
Harry Humphreys staff inspector Metropolitan Special Constabulary
Jenkin Henry Lewis sergeant War Department Constabulary
John McDonald retired official Royal Irish Constabulary
Myles Cassidy retired head-constable Royal Irish Constabulary
Samuel William Ramsay constable Royal Ulster Constabulary
Sylvester Ambrose Beime sergeant Royal Ulster Constabulary
Thomas Arthur Cornes sergeant Cheshire County Constabulary
Thomas William Wright sergeant Kent County Constabulary
Alexander Norman Dring chief inspector Essex County Constabulary
John Alexander McClintock retired sergeant Royal Ulster Constabulary
Joseph Roger Moore district inspector Royal Ulster Constabulary
Stanley Reginald Thomas Makepeace sergeant War Department Constabulary
George Hugh Mercer retired district inspector Royal Irish Constabulary
Kjell Axel-Axelson vice-consul to Swedish Consulate-General
Julian Harold Foggitt technical officer Timber Control
Kenneth Pearce Ellis government official Wool Control
Harry Reginald Cummings official Broadcasting Corporation
John Morton clerk with Manchester Corporation
Raymond Papernow vice-president Silberman Fur Corporation
William Arthur Stephenson watchman Grimsby Corporation
Edgar Francis Bartley Scantlebury employee Bristol Corporation
Alfred Johnson labour manager Dock Labour Corporation
Charles Meeke chief insurance officer Birmingham Corporation
Frank Thompson collector for the York Corporation
Oscar Vincent Cooke clerk to Barnstaple Corporation
Ralph Elston Miles manager Lancashire Steel Corporation
Augustus Herbert Hobbs chief collecting officer Southend Corporation
Hugh Bellingham solicitors The Toronto General Trusts Corporation
Reginald William Freeman bank officials Swiss Bank Corporation
Thomas Charles Bladen operator in Magnesium Metal Corporation
Charles Keith Phillips solicitors The Toronto General Trusts Corporation
Fred Gordon Halliwell catering controller Gaumont British Picture Corporation
Jocelyn Charles Ledward solicitors The Toronto General Trusts Corporation
Robert Orr bank accountant The Toronto General Trusts Corporation
William Edward Hunt assistant general manager Gaumont British Corporation
Jocelyn Charles Ledward solicitor attorney to The Toronto General Trusts Corporation
Charles Ralph Mordecai sergeant Intelligence Corps
Charles White member Royal Observer Corps
Bryan Lacy Day observer Royal Observer Corps
David Aeron Evans observer Royal Observer Corps
Evan Thomas Morse instructor Officers Training Corps
George Herbert Nicholas Williams RAF Observer Corps
George Morris Robins officer Royal Observer Corps
John Arthur Pollard observer Royal Observer Corps
Michael James Gibbon lieutenant HM Intelligence Corps
Ronald Petrie Darbyshire lieutenant-observer Royal Observer Corps
Tom Parkinson Class A Royal Observer Corps
Bert Talbot Slinn commandant British Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Jenkin Richard Lougher chief observer Royal Observer Corps
John Clair Bottomley sergeant in The Intelligence Corps
John Turner Simmons post observer Royal Observer Corps
William Nicholas John Oswald Moyle head-quarters staff Pioneer Corps
Charles Ham employee London County Council
Julian Talbot Pring officer British Council
Albert Edward Chapman clerk to Parish Council
Edgar Lawrence Weygang inspector London County Council
George Whitty retired official London County Council
Harold John Irons official London County Council
Harold Lomax clerk to Urban District Council
Harold Roy Lord clerk London County Council
John Edward Daw chairman Devonshire County Council
John Hammond Moore clerk London County Council
Percy Frederick Rice official London County Council
Philip Herbert Ottaway official London County Council
Ralph Leon Lazarus clerk London County Council
Sidney Armer Thorp officer London County Council
Walter Scott clerical officer London County Council
William Alfred Collins employee London County Council
William Francis Serby treasurer Buckingham County Council
Alfred Douglas Ward clerk to Rural District Council
Arthur Hamelin Laine temporary attendant London County Council
Charles Frederick Porter clerk to Urban District Council
Charles Herbert Shaddick assistant comptroller London County Council
Charles Walter Morris store keeper London County Council
Charles William Gubby retired servant London County Council
Fred Lucas clerk to Tenbury Rural District Council
Frederick Thomas Fitzhugh clerk to Worcestershire County Council
Herbert Arthur Bray principal assistant London County Council
Hubert Sinclair Martin clerk to East Sussex Council
Hugh Evelyn Forster clerical officer London County Council
James Robertson Wallace clerical officer London County Council
Malcolm Eustace Tom Town clerk London County Council
Robert Charles Newbury clerical assistant London County Council
Walter Cecil Rochester storekeeper to Ilford Borough Council
Alfred Charles Barnwell clerk with the London County Council
Frederick William Field employee surveyors department London County Council
John Thomas Thompson assistant clerk to Rural District Council
Joseph Schofield clerk to the Chadderton Urban District Council
Theodore Joseph Peter Shearman relieving officer London County Council
Victor Bruce Polden assistant clerk to Urban District Council
Walter William Davison public assistance officer Northumberland County Council
Harry James Inns inspector (Public Health Department) London County Council
Edward Clare Bligh chief officer social welfare London County Council
Frederick Steadman chief financial officer to the Surrey County Council
George William Hobman clerk to the Pontefract Rural District Council
Kenneth Lionel Selfe finance clerk New Forest Rural District Council
William Hugh Owen public assistance officer to Cheshire County Council
William Wheldon Roberts clerk to the Llanfairfechan Urban District Council
David John Morien Peregrine clerk to the Llantrisant Rural District Council
William Albert Shee public assistance officer to the Gloucestershire County Council
George Hamilton Craig clerical officer London County Councils
William Sampson Bliss bailiff County Court
Harry Binks chief clerk Salford Hundred Court
Eric Baton Buchanan solicitor Supreme Courts
William Henry Mill solicitor Supreme Courts
James Fleming Baird Wallace solicitor Supreme Courts
Amos Brook Hirst registrar of County Courts
George Stanley Walker surveyor HM Customs
Harry Edward William Firman inspector Customs
Harry Stewart Niven officer HM Customs
Leslie Walton assistant preventive officer Customs
Charles Henry Bloe preventive officer HM Customs
Arthur Rowland Harry Grant clerk DD CVO
John Arthur Hyams member Civil Defence
William Robertson rescue service leader Civil Defence
William Jackson Charles Peters first-aid assistant Civil Defence
John Abbott senior fire-guard (Civil Defence)
Edmund Evan-Howells Phillips constable War Department
Hugh Greenup Coulthard clerk War Department
Edward Mulford examiner with Taunton Electricity Department
Joseph Emlyn Tuck range warden War Department
Percy Mawson Snaith examiner Postal Censors Department
Charles Durman viewer at Royal Army Ordnance Department
Charles Joseph Francis Morriss detective-sergeant Criminal Investigation Department
Lionel Dyson Hunter employee Air Ministry Works Department
Richard John Bryant clerk in City Treasurers Department
Thomas Hugh Linell technical assistant Birmingham Gas Department
Walter Edward Turner clerk in Army Ordnance Department
William James Ford assistant divisional officer Mines Department
Harry Edward Stonyer retired valuation clerk Inland Revenue Department
Herbert Howarth chief inspector Post Office Electrical Engineering Department
Walter Henry Moore assistant superintendent Westminster Council Housing Department
William Henry Pink retired executive officer Army Audit Department
William Robert John Hiscock retired superintendent Civil Secretarys Department
Charles Edward Johnson established chief stoker Admiralty Naval Armament Department
Walter Leopold Smith senior valuation clerk in Inland Revenue Department
William George Bryant civilian clerk in Royal Army Pay Department
Fred Harris foreman Central Ordnance Depdt
Arthur Ernest Gentry examiner RN Ordnance Depdt
William Charles Ince inspector London Transport Depot
Percy Robert Sewell foreman Petroleum Board Depot
John Robert Forshaw storeman Royal Army Ordnance Depot
Alfred Wright inspector London Passenger Transport Board Depot
John Jabez Smith examiner Royal Army Ordnance Depot
Percy Rowland Hill inspector London Passenger Transport Board Depot
Henry Thomas Usher leading hand Royal Armament Supply Depot
James Frederick Hay registrar Chancery Division
John Dermot Campbell company director DLMP
Alexander Mitchell retired inspector Mersey Docks
Arthur Clifford Cottrell clerk Mersey Docks
Thomas Walter Guthrie official Mersey Docks
William James Haycocks clerk Mersey Docks
William John Bell clerk Mersey Docks
Ambrose Ayerst Williams driller HM Dockyard
Arthur Lincoln skilled labourer HM Dockyard
Charles Henry Tuckett draughtsman HM Dockyard
Edward George Harris plumber HM Dockyard
Francis Samuel Pyne recorder HM Dockyard
Fred Barker engine fitter HM Dockyard
George Henry Barker draughtsman HM Dockyard
Harold Augustus Underdown machinist HM Dockyard
Norman Henry Gordon smith HM Dockyard
Patrick Barry clerical officer HM Dockyard
Thomas Henry Thomas founder HM Dockyard
Charles William Hunt fitter in HM Dockyard
Ernest George Cullum engine fitter HM Dockyard
Ernest John Parkhouse skilled labourer HM Dockyard
Ernest Victor Higgins shipwright chargeman HM Dockyard
George William Gordon ship joiner HM Dockyard
Richard Henry Elliott retired smith HM Dockyard
William Henry Vining retired recorder HM Dockyard
William Thomas Phillip Beall shipwright HM Dockyard
Leonard Owen Wright fitter and turner HM Dockyard
Harold William Holbrook skilled labourer HM Devonport Dockyard
Henry Frances Langrish departmental clericaT officer HM Dockyard
Leslie William Henry Sherrell assistant wireman HM Dockyard
Bertie Comford Nethercoat smith HM Dockyards
Charles Graeme Higgins brigadier general HM army CMG DSO
Henry David Rice legacy officer to St Dunstans
Henry David Rice legacy officer to St Dunstans
Thomas Henry Panton technical instructor with St Dunstans
Alexander George Black corporal Royal Electrical
Percy George Martin Herbert temporary assistant experimental officer Admiralty Signal Establishment
William Robert Brown retired clerk to the Cambridge University Local Examinations
Albert Ernest Clements clerk Stock Exchange
Archibald Gladstone Botsford member Stock Exchange
George Leonard Wapshere clerk Stock Exchange
George Ronald Goodsir member Stock Exchange
Ivan Reynell member London Stock Exchange
Joseph Fenwick Hodgson broker Foreign Exchange
Robert Beard member London Stock Exchange
Bertie Cecil Bugler member London Stock Exchange
Charles Edward Ernest Labouchere member Stock Exchange
Clement Verey Pauli retired member Stock Exchange
Edward Munro Wilkins member London Stock Exchange
Edward William Renny member London Stock Exchange
George Albert Dinham attach London Stock Exchange
George Henry Payne official clerk Stock Exchange
Harold Edward Greenwood member London Stock Exchange
Harold William Scammell clerk London Stock Exchange
Harry Archibald Yallop branch manager Labour Exchange
Louis Baillie Reynolds member London Stock Exchange
Percy Drury Cooper member London Stock Exchange
Reginald Henry Vickers member London Stock Exchange
Richard Frederick Walker member-of London Stock Exchange
Robert Cholmley Faulconer member London Stock Exchange
Rudolph Claude Savory member London Stock Exchange
Sidney James Perry member London Stock Exchange
Thomas Alan Renwick member London Stock Exchange
William James Barker retired clerk Stock Exchange
Lachlan Boyd retired shipbroker and the Royal Exchange
Gerald Anthony Edward Gold member London Stock Exchange
Herbert Willis Reginald Gribble retired member Stock Exchange
Percival Norman Kemp-Gee retired member London Stock Exchange
Walter Edmund Hooke retired member London Stock Exchange
George Henry Weller preventive officer Customsand Excise
Norman George Shoults nurseryman Midland Bank Executor
Margaret Mulcahy widow and the Midland Bank Executor
Elsie Maria Cockett spinster and the Midland Bank Executor
William Hemy Foster company managing director Midland Bank Executor
Henry Ralph Grenside solicitors The Trustees Executors
Henry Robert Hart solicitor Equity Trustees Executors
William Godfrey Scott Hart solicitors Equity Trustees Executors
William Godfrey Scott Hart solicitors Equity Trustees Executors
Stephen Francis Thomas Lavie Robinson solicitors The Trustees Executors
William Llewellyn Rawle assistant at Exeter
Fred Miller employee Royal Ordnance Factory
Leyshon Jones employee Royal Ordnance Factory
Samuel Williams labourer Royal Ordnance Factory
Thomas Atherton examine Royal Ordnance Factory
Arthur -Morgan Dawkins employees Royal Ordnance Factory
Herbert Holt defence officer Royal Ordance Factory
Thomas Greenwell work taker Royal Ordnance Factory
Charles John Haslar clerical officer Royal Gunpowder Factory
Coningsby Lynton Silverwood Browne clerk Royal Ordnance Factory
George Pawnsley Lord assistant foreman Royal Ordnance Factory
John Holland work taker in Royal Ordnance Factory
Thomas Harold Nixon police-sergeant at Royal Ordnance Factory
John Francis Berry production manager at Royal Ordnance Factory
William Laurence Murphy clerk to Franciscan Fathers
Solomon Hernberg retired draper and the General Accident Fire
John Hywel Evans clerk to the Fishguard
Charles Smith police-inspector Metropolitan Police Force
William Tavener flight-lieutenant Australian Air Force
Arthur Henry Hatherell sergeant Metropolitan Police Force
Cecil Aubrey Hodgihs detective-sergeant Metropolitan Police Force
Ernest Albert Holman clerk in London Fire Force
Gerald Dutton pilot officer in Royal Air Force
Gilbert Cyril Jell member Birmingham City Police Force
John William Henry Papworth detective-sergeant Metropolitan Police Force
Gerald Owen Benjamin Inglis company-sergeant-major Canadian Expeditionary Force-
Alan Paul Corin chaplain HM Forces
Albert Arthur Hall member HM Forces
Alfred John Hammans private HM Forces
Allen Blair Macdonald brigadier HM Forces
Allister Noel Davies trooper HM Forces
Archibald Muir McGilchrist lieutenant-colonel HM Forces
Arthur Walker Cocker staff-sergeant HM Forces
Cecil Grayland Sanders corporal HM Forces
Charles Bertram Surridge lieutenant HM Forces
Charles Felix Barclay lieutenant HM Forces
Clarence Victor Ellis lieutenant HM Forces
Dennis Frederick Simmonds private HM Forces
Derek Hugh Clarke captain HM Forces
Donald Ivor Graham captains HM Forces
Edmond James George member HM Forces
Francis Henry Butterfield lieutenant-colonel HM Forces
Frank Green serving with HM Forces
Frank Henry Carr lieutenant HM Forces
Frank Pryce Williams member HM Forces
Frederick Arthur Davies captain HM Forces
Geoffrey Frank Lord member HM Forces
George Callander Bum lieutenant-colonel HM Forces
Gilbert Kenneth Gray sergeant HM Forces
Glynden Ewart Carter captain HM Forces
Harry Osborn retired quartermaster-sergeant HM Forces
Henry Green retired major HM Forces
Henry John Gillman lieutenant-colonel HM Forces
Horace Benjamin Fereday sergeant HM Forces
Howard George Gibberd lance-corporal Home Forces
John Frederick Tooby member HM Forces
John Kitchener Cooper member HM Forces
John Stephen Brown soldier HM Forces
John William McColl lieutenant HM Forces
Leonard Cooper Wood captain HM Forces
Leslie Kirby Akam officer HM Forces
Levi Gethin Hughes chaplain HM Forces
Norman Christian Buchan serving HM Forces
Patrick Eric Corley gunner HM Forces
Percy Lionel Spafford brigadier HM Forces
Richard Hutton Davies captain HM Forces
Ronald Sydney Clark member HM Forces
Stanley William Chapman member HM Forces
Sydney George Jackson sergeant HM Forces
Thomas Elibank Murray private HM Forces
Thomas Hopwood serving in HM Forces
Thomas Lionel Maccabe lieutenant HM Forces
Thurstan Tregoning Lane captain HM Forces
Francis Montague Rickatson lieutenant HM Forces
Wilfrid Thomas Bennett officer HM Forces
William Alfred Riley private HM Forces
William Bertram Sutcliffe second-lieutenant HM Forces
William Broadbent Morgan officer HM Forces
William George Davies private HM Forces
Elmond Arthur Smith MC major HM Forces
Geoffrey Stewart Churchward Matthews lieutenant HM Forces
George Clarence Granville Allsop chaplain HM Forces
Gerald Allen Herbert Proctor captain HM Forces
Griffith Benjamin Jenkins serving in HM Forces
Harold David Watkins serving in HM Forces
Harold Henry Watwood Must captain HM Forces
Harry Ensor Lane retired colonel HM Forces
Richard Henry John Bolland captain HM Forces
James William Webster serving in HM Forces
John Charles Miller retired sergeant-major HM Forces
John Herbert Cole Ward officer HM Forces
Lawrence Victor Emsley Camell privato HM Forces
Leslie Harold Ancrum Buchan captain HM Forces
Stanley Thomas Ross Bush captain HM Forces
Adelbert Charles Edward Salvin Bowlby major HM Forces
Henry Stuart Wheatley Crowe retired officer HM Forces
James Patrick Stevenson clerk chaplain to HM Forces
Peter John Van de Benken private Netherlands Forces
William George Humphreys clerk chaplain to HM Forces
Ronald Stanley dental surgeon and officer in HM Forces
Kenneth Frank Ellery Bowater wireless operator in HM Forces
John Archibald Angus major HM Forecs
Gerald Hocken Knight county musician FRCO
Martin James Whitbread foreman with J E Fry
Bertram Thomas Rumble honorary treasurer RAF Benevolent Fund
Bertram Thomas Rumble honorary treasurer RAF Benevolent Fund
Edward Cyril Pennefather secretary Royal Medical Benevolent Fund
Nigel de Mundeville Bond manager Peabody Donation Fund
Arthur Aloysius Dobell secretary to the Imperial Yeomanry Benevolent Fund
Stephen Alfred Alden retired keeper at Zoological Gardens
Tor Lennart Finnmark attache to Swedish Consulate General
Frederick Wallis Farrell bank trustee department manager the Governor
James Gardiner telephone fitter GPO
Albert Richard Walter Ellis fitter GPO
Alfred Thomas Grange skilled worker GPO
Alfred William Stuart retired superintendent GPO
Archibald Ralph Brown sorting clerk GPO
Arthur Henry Mann retired sorter GPO
Arthur William Byne superintendent warehouseman GPO
Cecil Victor Belcher telephone engineer GPO
Charles Bernard Gaffey night telephonist GPO
Charles Edward Francis Striker linesman GPO
Charles James Sears retired overseer GPO
Charles William Parker caretaker operator GPO
Cyril Martin Mason sorting clerk GPO
Cyril Silvester Jefferies night telephonist GPO
Daniel Quilty retired assistant superintendent GPO
Edward Ernest Lunn head postman GPO
Edward Jesse Barr retired overseer GPO
Ernest Edwin Farley retired sorter GPO
Ernest James Cooper retired engineer GPO
Frederick Alexander Hunter retired tracer GPO
Frederick Thomas Mayland head porter GPO
George Isaac Callaway controlling officer GPO
George Vause Clark mail porter GPO
Henry Alexander Guy Nichols telephonist GPO
Henry James White retired overseer GPO
Henry Shave retired assistant superintendent GPO
Herbert James Clodd clerical officer GPO
Horace Julian Rouse head postman GPO
Horace Thomas George Nicholls sorter GPO
James Arthur Parsell postman driver GPO
James Joseph Croker assistant superintendant GPO
John Edward Henry Horton linesman GPO
Joseph William Smith night supervisor GPO
Percy Robert Grant assistant superintendent GPO
Sidney John Sutton postal clerk GPO
Stanley Ewart temporary sorting clerk GPO
Frederick Augustus Harvey retired sorter GPO
Thomas John Bywater retired overseer GPO
Thomas Joseph Russ retired overseer GPO
Thomas Thorn Wood wirelesss operator GPO
Walter Albert Laver retired overseer GPO
William James Cox allowance officer GPO
William John Thomas assistant inspector GPO
William Joshua Fowler skilled workman GPO
William Orchard retired assistant superintendent GPO
William Robert Cecil Marler sorter GPO
Banney Lewis Barnett MC assistant secretary GPO
Edwin Cyril Rowland Smith assistant superintendent GPO
Ernest Charles Martin assistant head postman GPO
George Henry Gallard retired chief inspector GPO
George James Frederick Inward clerical officer GPO
Harold Sidney Reed retired clerical officer GPO
Harry Victor Hine unestablished skilled worker GPO
Lawrence George Marchant Pierce mail porter GPO
Robert Edward Henry Houchin assistant storeman GPO
Walter Richard Hartshorn retired skilled workman GPO
William Frederick Brinkley retired skilled workman GPO
William Leopold Gustine retired assistant superintendent GPO
Andrew Burnett Hunter Brown retired superintendent telegraphs GPO
Guy Buckeridge retired telephone and traffic manager GPO
Ernest John Francis Read retired clerical officer GPO
Frank Augustus Sowerby control officer engineering department GPO
George Cowley full-time clerk Home Guard
Herbert Sydney Matthews major Home Guard
Bernard George Crake Morice lieutenant Home Guard
Edward Anthony Fielden lieutenant-colonel HM Home Guard
Henry John Kendall administrative officer Home Guard
Ernest Henry Bradfield brush hand GWR
Frank Bryon Beal passenger guard GWR
Kenneth Campbell Griffiths chief clerk GWR
William George Purton toll collector GWR
George Garrett Ackland retired divisional inspector GWR
Frank James Willcock retired foreman wheel examiner GWR
William Maxwell Fenning retired lieutenant-colonel Hmarmy
Alexander Edmund Kendall warrant officer HMarmy
Cecil Thomas Ashworth Beevor lieutenant-colonel HMarmy
Charles Watson Clark retired lieutenant-colonel HMarmy
Edward Robert Napper retired captain HMarmy
James Cottingham Chaplin retired captain HMarmy
Peter James Addy Smith lieutenant HMarmy
Robert Marzetti Seymour Chalk lance-corporal HMarmy
Rudolph Claude Savoy retired major HMarmy
Edward Francis Herbert Evans retired captain HMarmy
Thomas Frank Pollard company sergeant major HMarmy
Nevill Cressett Thursby-Pelham retired captain HM-army
Ernest Rowland Basil Gray major HMForces
Joseph Sydney Godwin Hill sergeant HMForces
Robert Beckett Marriott Leir sergeant HMForces
Thomas Christopher Devereux Evans staff clerk HMSO
Robert Lionel Powell advocate secretary to National Childrens Home
Henry George Drury clerk to Dr Barnados Homes
Arthur Edward Daniel pilot Trinity House
Charles Frederick Wheeler pilot Trinity House
Charles Henry Watson pilot Trinity House
Edward Hugh Harris captain Trinity House
Henry John Bryan officer Trinity House
John Thomas Daff pilot Trinity House
John William Hudson pilot Trinity House
Leonard James Hawkes employee Trinity House
Lewis David Morris pilot Trinity House
Thomas William Jay pensioner Trinity House
Wilfred Henry Shawe pilot Trinity House
William Wesley Parker pensioner Trinity House
Horace Herbert Shepherd channel pilot Trinity House
Robert Dunlop Allison writers and the Trades House
Charles Edward Rumbelow retired clerk Railway Clearing House
John Henry Phillips clerk in the Railway Clearing House
Richard John Muncey clerk in the Railway Clearing House
Cecil Percival Vdncoutre Shunker retired lieutenant IMD
William John Lewis pourers mate in the Imperial Chemical Industries
Herbert Hathaway-Hartley assistant at The Radcliffe Infirmary
Maurice Pattle Freeman area manager for Institute
Edward Oliver Leonard Bell secretary British Film Institute
Walter Henry Garnet Pallin master Public Assistance Institution
Benjamin Henry Smith officer National Health Insurance
Albert Rolfe Voller bank sub-manager Palmers Trust Investment
Reginald Beavis le Breton Janvrin
Ernest Lambert clerk to the Justices
Harry Frankish Wilkinson clerk to the Justices
Walter Henry Josiah Grant corporal KAF
Albert Victor Kerrison superintendent Admiralty Research Laboratary
Ralph Rixon Strand assistant National Physical Laboratory
George Henry Lean scientific officer National Physical Laboratory
Arthur Frederick Cotgrave Brown scientific officer National Physical Laboratory
Arthur Frederick Cotgreave Brown scientific officer National Physical Laboratory
Arthur King solicitors managing clerk E Preston Lancashire
Arthur John Smith clerical assistant LCC
Charles Herbert Shaddick assistant comptroller LCC
Christopher Faulkner Jones area officer LCC
Edwin James Miles clerical assistant LCC
Ernest Alfred Henderson principal assistant LCC
George William James Callingham inspector LCC
Harry Edgar Hedley Pirkis clerk LCC
John Barkshire chief seaman instructor LCC
Thomas Henry Bradshaw clerk in LCC
Arthur Percy Stanwell Smith area officer LCC
James Edward Thomas Currie common keeper LCC
Christopher Faulkner Jones local social welfare officer LCC
George Edward Oughton local social welfare officer LCC
Arthur Percy Stanwell Smith local social welfare officer LCC
George Mark Humphries secretary Hospital League
George Mark Humphries secretary Hospital League
Robert Perridge Gibbins clerk to Navy League
Alfred Charles Goddard secretary British Legion
Arthur Edwin May official British Legion
John Robert Griffin general secretary British Legion
John Robert Griffin general secretary British Legion
Martins Bank Limited
George Victor Bourne miller Rolls-Royce Limited
Reginald Holdsworth rectifier Vickers Armstrong Limited
Midland Bank Executor and trustee Company Limited
Harry Chadwick secretary to Co-operative Society Limited
John William Sherry manager Dorset Farmers Limited
Thomas Kingston agent Provident Clothing Company Limited
Alban Percy Chivers secretary to Writhlington Collieries Limited
Frank Warren farmer to National Provincial Bank Limited
Frederick Arthur Bennett clerk Imperial Chemical Industries Limited
Frederick William Maycock technical superintendent Morris Motors Limited
Mark Ostrer joint managing director Picture Corporation Limited
Rupert Evelyn Beckett chairman The Westminster Bank Limited
William Henry Webb superintendent Prudential Assurance Company Limited
William Macnamara Goodenough deputy chairman Barclays Bank Limited
William Woodburn Gillan solicitor Hawaiian Trust Company Limited
Henry Godolphin Giles senior clerk Bristol Aeroplane Company Limited
Arthur John Burton premises manager to Barclays Bank Limited
Cyril Lance Davis official in Imperial Chemical Industries Limited
Donald Gregory MacArthur general managers assistant Midland Bank Limited
Edmund Water-worth assistant district manager Co-operative Insurance Society Limited
Frederick Jackson assistant superintendent to Prudential Assurance Company Limited
Leonard Mark Turnhain general manager London Coastal Coaches Limited
Thomas Herbert Morris office man LMS Railway Company Limited
Tom Tregoning Letcher district superintendent Prudential Assurance Company Limited
Wallace Bidwell manager Royal Exchange Assurance Queensland Trustees Limited
William Henry Bell retired manager Asiatic Petroleum Company Limited
William Henry Thomas Bennett chief installer Automatic Telephone Company Limited
Alfred Spencer Watkins assistant superintendent in The Prudential Assurance Company Limited
Frederick John Kirton principal assistant finance department LLC
Alfred Nursey White underwriter at Lloyds
Arthur James Whittall underwriter at Lloyds
Henry John Thomson surveyors for Lloyds
Humphrey Basil Secretan underwriter at Lloyds
John Edward Hathaway broker at Lloyds
Terence Albert Williams underwriter at Lloyds
William Henry Appleton underwriter at Lloyds
Alfred Hubert Doust deputy underwriter at Lloyds
Frank Arthur Avery retired clerk at Lloyds
Percy Richard Holford deputy underwriter at Lloyds
William Starling Lark assistant underwriter at Lloyds
William George Henry Walter Stephens clerk at Lloyds
George Albert Daniels engineers department LNER
James Edward Sharpe assistant superintendent LNER
James Henry Wells registration clerk LNER
Richard Frederick Howe boiler washer LNER
Albert William Willcox retired staff officer LNER
Frederick Patman retired district traffic manager LNER
Joseph William Wallis assistant yard master LNER
De Alba Spanish ambassador in London
William Charles Casey book room porter London
Arthur Henry Francis Edwardes advisor to Japanese Embassy London
Jonathan Richard Hunt inspector LPTB
Albert Victor Coughlan general hand LPTB
Alfred Albert Curtis divisional inspector LPTB
Alfred Marshall Butcher motor driver LPTB
Donald Douglas Cox depot superintendent LPTB
Francis Thomas Green tram driver LPTB
Frederick William Yaxley depot assistant LPTB
George John Collins retired employee LPTB
Henry Olaf Fisher signal inspector LPTB
Hugh Taylor Carr publicity officer LPTB
James Edward Frost retired inspector LPTB
James Low Christie omnibus conductor LPTB
John West Crockford retired inspector LPTB
Leonard Sydney Dodd depot assistant LPTB
Leslie Stuart Wakelin depot inspector LPTB
Percy Donald Arthur Blackmore conductor LPTB
Ralph James Hitchcock executive assistant LPTB
Sydney Arthur Baker clerk with LPTB
Thomas Charles Bateman sub-station operator LPTB
Wilfred Henry Speedy district engineer LPTB
William Andrew Hutchison general hand LPTB
William Day retired tram driver LPTB
Arthur George Carver charge depot inspector LPTB
William Albert Ackerman retired claims assessor LPTB
William George Victor Johnson leading-engineers craftsman LPTB
George Robert Honnor district inspector LPTB
Percy Charles Edwards judges associate to Mayors
Eric James Shearer retired brigadier HM army CB CBE MC
William George Robert Tisdall deputy-lieutenant for county Meath
Albert Archer Heath warden Air Ministry
Albert Edward Alder messenger Air Ministry
Albert Edward Alder messenger Air Ministry
Albert Edward Guy storeman Air Ministry
Albert Luckman watchman at Air Ministry
Alfred Edward Feakes inspector Air Ministry
Arthur John Marsh storeman Air Ministry
Arthur Leach leading storesman Air Ministry
Charles Frederick Linnett constable Air Ministry
Charles George Winterbourne clerk Air Ministry
Colin George Brightman technician Air Ministry
David Arthur Thomas inspector Air Ministry
David James Freese clerk Air Ministry
Edward Morgan Allwood clerk Air Ministry
Edward Stanley Linton fitter Air Ministry
Eric Ralph Novis examiner Air Ministry
Frank Conan official British Air Ministry
Frederic Geoffery Cook policeman Air Ministry
Frederick Gordon Brendon official Air Ministry
Frederick Stuart Merrison inspector Air Ministry
George Pygall Mitchley warder Air Ministry
Gilbert William Carter clerk Air Ministry
Harry Kerrison Pipe clerk Air Ministry
Henry Phillips civilian clerk Air Ministry
Henry Phillips civilian clerk Air Ministry
Horace Reginald Horn clerk Air Ministry
Howel Gwynne Morris clerk Air Ministry
Leopold Oscar Penberthy examiner Air Ministry
Robert George Drew constable Air Ministry
Robert Henry Parsons inspector Air Ministry
Roberts Frederick Hughes clerk Air Ministry
Stanley Wallis Gregory clerk Air Ministry
Thomas Albert Every leading-storeman Air Ministry
Thomas Mark Jefferson warden Air Ministry
Thomas Mark Jefferson warden Air Ministry
William Bertie Lorraine inspector Air Ministry
William Thomas Bodycote messenger Air Ministry
Alfred Sydney Aiken foreman at Air Ministry
Ernest James Edward Pearce clerk Air Ministry
Evan Emlyn Davies clerk with Air Ministry
Francis Gordon Smith executive officer Air Ministry
George Arthur Warburton Clark employee Air Ministry
George Charles Matthews Bell constable Air Ministry
George Herbert Fisher messenger at Air Ministry
Henry James Hares civilian instructor Air Ministry
Herbert Charles Kelly temporary clerk Air Ministry
Hubert de Malpas Bolter warden Air Ministry
John Freeman Morse land officer Air Ministry
John Walter Haigh Crossley clerk Air Ministry
Leon Sidney Michael Foulon clerk Air Ministry
Ralph Eric Mills technical officer Air Ministry
Samuel Thomas Townsend Smith examiner Air Ministry
Thomas Fraser Scott temporary clerk Air Ministry
John Douglas Harper temporary clerk in Air Ministry
John Samuel Davison higher clerical officer Air Ministry
Edward Francis Dowling instructor Air Ministry
William Arthur Pritchard constable Air Ministry
Francis Owen Brown wireless watchkeeper (Air Ministry)
Thomas William Kenner accountant Royal Mint
Albert James Stone press operator Royal Mint
John Benjamin Martin secretary China Inland Mission
Charles John Soderland retired engineer MN
Douglas William John Southgate seaman MN
John Geoffrey Smith radio officer MN
John Llewellyn Jones marine engineer MN
Richard Huntriss retired second officer MN
William Roberts retired master mariner MN
Irving Robert Wanley Sawbridge retired captain MN
Samuel Henry Bland retired master mariner MN
Samuel Henry Bland retired master mariner MN
Arnold Ward Shedden dental surgeon LDS MRCS
Alec Bain Tonnochy assistant keeper British Museum
Alec Bain Tonnochy assistant keeper at the British Museum
Albert Benjamin Clements district manager NAAFI
Archie William John Copeman manager NAAFI
Frank Heselridge Allright Walker clerk NAAFI
James Clifford Grimes district manager NAAFI
Percy Alexander Rich group supervisor NAAFI
William Thomas Angell chief clerk NAAFI
Archibald George McPherson King district manager NAAFI
William Harry Coombs general secretary Navigators
Theodore George John Harvey retired engineer-commander Royal Indian Navy
Alfred Henry Crocker cook Merchant Navy
Alfred Cooper able seaman Merchant Navy
Cecil Alfred Hamon able-seaman Merchant Navy
Claude Howard chief engineer Merchant Navy
Douglas Stephenson Brown officer Merchant Navy
Frederick Hector Parmee shipmaster Merchant Navy
Frederick Joseph Bennett seaman Merchant Navy
Frederick Wilfred Edwards carpenter Merchant Navy
George Ernest Shepherdson steward Merchant Navy
George Kenneth Morris officer Merchant Navy
George Mason Henderson officer Merchant Navy
Henry William Ellender lieutenant Royal Navy
Howell Harris captain in Merchant Navy
Norman Farrer chief officer Merchant Navy
Robert Robinson greaser donkeyman Merchant Navy
Sydney Austin Durrant radio-officer Merchant Navy
Sydney Findeisen retired captain Merchant Navy
Thomas Kitchener Clarkson officer Merchant Navy
Trevor Thomas master mariner Merchant Navy
Allan Burrow Pilkington wireless operator Merchant Navy
Arthur Donaldson Davies retired officer Merchant Navy
Arthur Harvey chief yeoman signals Royal Navy
Charles Edward Stuart retired captain Merchant Navy
Ernest Edmund Goss retired captain Merchant Navy
Ernest William Hamlyn retired captain Merchant Navy
Frank Oliver Wilbraham chief officer Merchant Navy
George Abraham Dougan chief steward Merchant Navy
George Alfred Buckett ships cook Merchant Navy
George Frederick Smith refrigerating greaser Merchant Navy
George William Robinson OBE captain Merchant Navy
Harry Colville Pickering radio officer Merchant Navy
John Holland Sharman retired officer Merchant Navy
Leonard Charles Clauson chief steward Merchant Navy
Norman Hugh Rodick Rodick captain Merchant Navy
Robert John Davies chief officer Merchant Navy
Robert Jones Owen chief officer Merchant Navy
Stanley George Bingham chief cook Merchant Navy
William Bateman retired able seaman Merchant Navy
Anthony Sydney Frederick Rippon radio officer Merchant Navy
Charles Beauclerk Henley retired captain Royal Indian Navy
Charles Osborne Campbell retired commander Royal Indian Navy
David Seaborn Davies retired master mariner Merchant Navy
William Alexander McCombie Willox master mariner Merchant Navy
Francis Joseph David Lloyd officer in the Merchant Navy
Arthur Goodall Maundrell CB CIE retired commodore Royal Indian Navy
George Nevile Maltby Bland KCVO HM minister to the Netherlands
William Charles Adams fireman NFS
Arthur Ernest Harcourt fireman NFS
Arthur Queenborough (the younger) member NFS
Leslie Arthur Penfold fireman NFS
John James Atkinson company officer NFS
Alan George Hambling leading fireman NFS
Albert Edward Harvey Dyer member NFS
Albert Leslie Stevens company officer NFS
Alfred Amos Richardson leading fireman NFS
Alfred Eric Wilson column officer NFS
Alfred Ernest Willmott company officer NFS
Alfred Ronald Thomeloe company officer NFS
Charles Henry Joseph Simmons fireman NFS
Charles William Alexander Heyes fireman NFS
Digby Percy Jordan company officer NFS
Edward Charles Harris leading fireman NFS
Edward John Wood company officer NFS
Edwin Kingsford Atkinson company officer NFS
George Charles La Roche fireman NFS
George Edward Bristow fire officer NFS
George Henry Meakin section leader NFS
Gordon Harcourt Trigger French section-leader NFS
Harold James Nutt column officer NFS
Harry James Pinkstone company officer NFS
Harry Terence George Cowd fireman NFS
Henry Samuel Williams leading fireman NFS
Horace George Parsons section leader NFS
Ian Mills Scorgie company officer NFS
James Frederick Wilfred Webber fireman NFS
John Edward Parsons company officer NFS
John William Clark chief clerk NFS
Leonard Stewart Cobb company officer NFS
Leslie Francis Cecil Binnersley fireman NFS
Maurice Charles Warren Wood fireman NFS
Norman Pinder leading despatch rider NFS
Raymond Hugh Evans leading fireman NFS
Reginald Alfred Edward Day fireman NFS
Reginald James Palmer Bishop fireman NFS
Reginald John Simpson leading fireman NFS
Robert John Randall Allnutt leading-fireman NFS
Sidney Eustace Hems Hazlewood fireman NFS
Thomas George Haseman senior company-officer NFS
Thomas Gerald Delaney leading fireman NFS
Thomas Michael Shreyhane leading fireman NFS
Thomas Oliver Yarnall company officer NFS
Wilfred Harry Leighfield Fry section-leader NFS
Wilfred Robert Chick section officer NFS
William Alfred Patrick Nicholls fireman NFS
William Edwin Harvey company officer NFS
William Godfrey Holman column officer NFS
William John Grierson junior officer NFS
William Prichard area mobilising officer NFS
Harry Yates (the younger) leading fireman NFS
William Henry Cole (the younger) fireman NFS
Ernest Leonard Fowler divisional establishment officer NFS
Ernest Olding Jordan divisional finance officer NFS
Herbert Edward Pattinson senior company officer NFS
Thomas Redvers Roberts Webb leading fireman NFS
Walter William Thomas Whistler column officer NFS
William Lawrence Roach divisional water officer NFS
James Frederick Wilfred Webber fireman NFS-
Evelyn Margaret Elizabeth Henderson or Nisbet
Andrew Spencer Revell Phillips managing clerk NSPCC
Martin Henry Ellis lieutenant Royal Canadian NVR
William Phillips retired civil servant OBE
Harold Arthur Thomas Fairbank surgeon DSO OBE
Owen Trevor Williams progress superintendent OCTfe
Alexander Mason i clerk War Office
Charles Frederick Gowan clerk War Office
Edward Cecil Williams clerk War Office
George Clark clerk in Records Office
James Campbell Kelly messenger War Office
John Arthur Pilcher vice-consul Foreign Office
John Jenkins cleaner General Post Office
Patrick Richard Hardway watchman War Office
Reginald Horrocks civil assistant War Office
Robert William Crane messenger War Office
Sam Wilson Thornton clerk War Office
Stanley Charles Pritchard clerk Home Office
Thomas Andrew Cometti clerk War Office
Thomas Henry Everton clerk War Office
Thomas Herbert Hood clerk War Office
William Bunce clerk Army Record Office
Albert Henry Beckett office keeper Foreign Office
Arthur Ernest Barnett temporary clerk War Office
Arthur Ernest Gunning clerk Army Records Office
Charles Frederick Wilkinson clerk Company Registration Office
Ernest Wilson retired sorter General Post Office
Frank John Cox telegraphist General Post Office
George Bernard Smith staff clerk War Office
George Charles Campbell checker HM Stationery Office
George Russell-Wright retired clerical officer India Office
Harold Malcolm Dudley Fletcher official Foreign Office
Harry Archer Knight staff officer Post Office
Herbert Winterbottom porter at HM Stationery Office
Hubert Wilson clerk in Army Records Office
James Arthur Clark checker HM Stationery Office
Montague Albert Westlake engineer General Post Office
Reginald Charles Edward Yarnold official Patent Office
Sidney Arnold Mathieson filing clerk War Office
Stewart Scott Spears examiner HM Patent Office
Thomas Reginald Wilson clerk Army Pay Office
William Arthur Starbuck senior examiner Patent Office
William Henry Bradshaw Mack counsellor Foreign Office
William John Ludlow clerk Food Control Office
William Sharman Payne sorter General Post Office
Andrew Boxer Tanner retired supervisor General Post Office
Arthur Crossley Willows clerk in Wool Control Office
Arthur Isaac Morgan retired supervisor General Post Office
Charles Archibald Kensit Norman assistant solicitor India Office
Charles Robert Clewett censor in the Censor Office
Frank Frederick Drabble assistant superintendent General Post Office
George Woodward Bush clerical officer General Post Office
Herbert Alfred Whitehead electrical examiner to War Office
Hermann Clark Haycraft retired assistant comptroller Patent Office
James William Foster night telephonist General Post Office
James William Turner telephone mechanic General Post Office
John Cecil Chilton temporary clerk in Home Office
Raymond Leonard Blea assistant staff clerk Foreign Office
Walter Glynn Hall lieutenant Intelligence Department War Office
Charles Stuart Matley senior examiner Edinburgh Estate Duty Office
Clayton Blin Stoyle retired assistant superintendent General Post Office
George Wilson retired head porter in General Post Office
Roger Henry Hollis civilian attached to HM War Office
Stanley Winter Collins chief technical officer HJVI Censorship Office
Thomas James Walter Wilson deputy establishment officer HM Foreign Office
Edward James Simpson retired London Fire Brigade Officer
John Archibald Hudson retired Colonial Office Official
Gilbert Frederick Roebuck crown agents for the Colonies Official
Ernest Bentley Young inspector Royal Ordnance
George Frederick Skinner inspector Royal Ordnance
Samuel Robert Bennett assistant inspector Naval Ordnance
Leslie Arthur Houghton clerk in Army Ordnance-Office
Robert Percival Higgs treasurer Stockwell Orphanage
Eric Lyde Hargreaves fellow Oriel College Oxford
Ronald Victor Okes Hart Synot fellow and bursar St John Baptist College Oxford
Walter Ernest Wood keeper at Gunnersbury Park
Henry George Symonds racing manager Cardiff Arms Park
Reginald Henry Ley secretary Newport Labour Party
Alfred Edwin North sorting foreman PLA
Arthur Horace French retired foreman PLA
Cyril Gordon Wild clerk in PLA
Henry George Cowcher clerk to PLA
James William Mcllroy police constable PLA
John Herbert Saville retired official PLA
William Charles Weston clerical officer PLA
William Thomas Howes retired checker PLA
Edward Jackson higher clerical officer PO
William Stancliffe Halton (overseer telegraphic section PO)
Arthur Birchall Acton retired Kenya Police
Basil Baden May private Military Police
Frederick Stevens retired detective-inspector Metropolitan Police
Frederick William Bell corporal RAF Police
Samuel Fisher Chetham retired Indian Police
William Henry Winch sergeant Metropolitan Police
Albert Stanley Eveson constable Royal Marine Police
Alexander Ross retired station officer Metropolitan Police
Alfred George Lambden sergeant Royal Marine Police
Frank Ernest Percy Skinner detective-officer London Police
George Ernest Higgs constable Royal Marine Police
John Emlyn Victor Mason retired India Imperial Police
Thomas Arthur Gale retired detective-sergeant Metropolitan Police
Thomas James Stocker retired police-constable Metropolitan Police
William Thomas Brindley deputy inspector-general Ceylon Police
George Thomas Hall chief constable Canterbury City Police
John William Bloor sergeant in Admiralty City Police
William Ernest Watson retired sergeant Royal Marine Police
Meredith Fitzwalter Wren retired officer Imperial Indian Police
Felix Geoffrey Apthorpe temporary acting assistant Admiralty Technical Pool
William George Trenchard superintendent General Post-office
Ruthven Frederick Ruthven-Smith retired HM Pro-Consul
Norman Henry McLeod inspector Ministry of Aircraft Production
Hubert Xapel Lofft Holden major RA
Philip Gilbert Scott staff sergeant RAC
Frederick John White departmental manager RACS
Richard Arthur Green acting squadron-leaders RAEVR
Ronald Leslie Chidzey corporal RAF
Bastian Maitland Thompson flight lieitenant RAF
William Hector Gilhome sergeant RAF
Keith Noel Murray flying-officer RAF
Lawrence Coates leading aircrafts-man RAF
Walter George Tyrrell flight-sergeant RAF
Walter William Harvey corporal RAF
William Ronald Lugg member RAF
William James Henry Thomas aircraftman RAF
Charles Johnston Victor Sweeney flying-officer RAF
Frank Sidney Bradshaw leading aircraftman R-AF
John Edward Walker second-class aircraftman RAIL
Albert Ernest Elsmore guard District Railway
Alfred Thomas Chapman stationmaster Southern Railway
Charles Madge weigh-bridgeman Great Western Railway
David Charles Davies employee Southern Railway
Ernest Curtis shedman Great Western Railway
Frank Alfred Booth labourer Southern Railway
George Harold Shaw cashier Southern Railway
George James Sheppard signalman Southern Railway
James Ernest Butler platelayer Southern Railway
Norman Alfred Gower fireman Southern Railway
Roland Lambert Hills inspector Southern Railway
Thomas Wells repairer Great Western Railway
Walter John employee Great Western Railway
Wilfred John Newell inspector Southern Railway
Albert Richard Crawford steam raiser LMS Railway
Henry Charles Greening relief controller GW Railway
James Edward Sharpe assistant superintendent LNE Railway
Lewis Samuel Crook station-master Great Western Railway
Percy Batten ticket collector Great Western Railway
Samuel Shorland retired ganger Great Western Railway
William Clarke sheet repairer Great Western Railway
Alfred Reginald Charles Chalker inspector Great Western Railway
Archibald Joseph Gimblette stores accountant Great Western Railway
Aubrey Lewis Pask lengthman on Great Western Railway
Francis William King engine driver Great Western Railway
Owen Charles Eynon estimating clerk Great Western Railway
Percy Arthur White assistant divisional superintendent Southern Railway
Vivian Evelyn Blomley traffic controller Great Western Railway
Walter George Kemp district traffic inspector Southern Railway
William John Sawyer motor driver Great Western Railway
Frederick William Coulam chief station inspector Great Western Railway
John Melcombe Wildsmith district goods manager Great Western Railway
Frederick Leonard Cottle chief clerk engineering department Great Western Railway
Archibald Bayley retired superintendent Indian State Railways
John OzzzDonel Alexander medical doctor RAMC
Frederick William Imming leading aircraftman RCAF
Ian McDonald Black assistant constructor RCNC
Alfred Robert Large ordinary seaman RDFRN
Joseph Cyril Snowden flying-officer RAF Regiment
James Hall lance-corporal special Air Service Regiment
Claude Henry Benham retired supervisor London Telecommunications Region
Frederick Bernard Wood retired officer Lloyds Register
Lionel Harvey Frushard Young survey to Lloyds Register
Arthur Grant Clarkson clerk in HM Land Registry
Horace Alvarez de Courcy Pereira registrar Principal Probate Registry
The National Society for Cancer Relief
John Clifford Sharp Alleyne captain REME
Ernest Henry Kingswell police-constable War Reserve
George Foster constable Police War Reserve
William Corcoran captain Civil Defence Reserve
Eric Thomas Dangerfield flight-lieutenant RAF Volunteer Reserve
Ernest Whittingham officer in Police War Reserve
Reginald Withers Payne flight-lieutenant RAF Volunteer Reserve
Harold Murray Cutler pilot officer RAF Volunteer Reserve
John Patrick Gallivan warrant supply officer in Royal Naval Reserve
Archie Carter Phillips officer Inland Revenue
Herbert Davies staff officer Inland Revenue
Richard Jefferson Shoobridge valuer Inland Revenue
William Hughes clerk in Inland Revenue
George McAllister Powell tax officer Inland Revenue
Robert Haynes Richardson staff officer Inland Revenue
Robert John Dale tax collector Inland Revenue
Sidney Richard Singleton staff clerk Inland Revenue
Victor Frederick Wilkins staff officer Inland Revenue
Welton Thomas Charlton tax officer Inland Revenue
William Edward Kingstone tax officer Inland Revenue
George Conyers Green Green tax officer Inland Revenue
Johnson James Ellery superintendent stamping office Inland Revenue
Johnson James Ellery superintendent stamping office Inland Revenue
Johnson James Ellery superintendent stamping office Inland Revenue
Spencer Clarence Alderton retired staff officer Inland Revenue
John Maunsell retired district inspector RIC
William John Nathaniel Calhoon retired sergeant RIC
Albert Reginald Wilson Smith lieutenant RM
Archibald Arthur Robert Waskett police officer RM
Arthur Matthew Connolly retired lieutenant-colonel RM
Charles George Henry Cooper colour-sergeant RM
Charles John Pope police inspector RM
Reginald Arthur Lucas Jones marine RM
Thomas William Megam Wood major RM
Charles Arthur Scott retired captain RN
Oliver Harwood Matthews paymaster lieutenant-commander RN
Dudley Craig Lort Phillips petty officer RN
William Lewis Andrews chief petty officer RN
Joseph Charles Walrond Henley CB rear admiral RN
Frederick Thomas West leading observer ROC
Charles William George Neville inspector RSPCA
George Arthur Lale retired inspector RSPCA
Sydney Gilbert Polehill chief secretary RSPCA
William Edward Binning retired inspector RSPCA
William Scott Chalmers DSC rear-admiral RTL
Donal Charles Blake Jennings county inspector RUC
Lewis Alfred James Cramphorn clerk at Disabled Sailors
Edgar James Palmer servant Harrow School
Alexander Hamelin Trelawny-Ross housemaster at Sherborne School
Ernest Edward Holloway steward at Grammar School
John Allen Harrison commandant Army Radio School
Gyrth Aldren Wright assistant master at Grammar School
Ronald William Burrows Renson mechanic HM Signal School
Ronald Charles Hay Dunbar principal LCC Day Continuation School
Charles Stuart Clark district manager for International Correspondence Schools
Richard Denny Hugh Bridge local Government Servant
Alfred Greenberg fireman National Fire Service
Arthur Warham fireman National Fire Service
Edward Novis fireman National Defence Service
Falkland Angel retired captain Merchant Service
George William Holder mariner Merchant Service
Gerald Hopper fireman National Fire Service
Harry Goodier fireman National Fire Service
Herbert Hindley fireman National Fire Service
James Guthrie Clemens captain Merchant Service
Leonard Dancyger fireman National Fire Service
Ralph Harrison fireman National Fire Service
Ralph Parnell retired Indian Civil Service
Sydney Richardson retired captain Merchant Service
William Brown junior master Trinity Service
William Parminter Rowell re-fueller National Service
Albert Edward Mead fireman National Fire Service
Bernard Gurney Mather member National Fire Service
Caleb Morris retired chief officer Merchant Service
Cecil Trevor Park retired Bengal Pilot Service
Cecil Vernon Hart fireman National Fire Service
Cecil Vernon Hart fireman National Fire Service
Cecil Vernon Hart fireman National Fire Service
Charles Edward Crawford fireman National Fire Service
Charles Raymond Dun retired Indian Forest Service
Dennis Edward Keogh fireman National Fire Service
Dennis Edward Keogh fireman National Fire Service
Emrys Anwyl Jones fireman National Fire Service
Ernest Archibald Bennett clerical officer Civil Service
Frank Wells leading fireman National Fire Service
Fred Andrew company officer in Fire Service
Frederick John Chapman member National Fire Service
Harold Joseph Hodkinson fireman National Fire Service
Harry Hirst auxiliary fireman National Fire Service
James Harold Matthews fireman National Fire Service
James Stephenson Henson Roper clerk Air Service
John Alexander Lyde retired officer Merchant Service
John Farmer maintenance engineer National Fire Service
John Gilbert Taylor retired first-officer Merchant Service
John Harold Hine officer Civil Defence Service
John Roland Preston fireman National Fire Service
Leonard Cecil Kerr fireman National Fire Service
Leslie Frank Howell navigating officer Merchant Service
Leslie George Inwood fireman National Fire Service
Leslie Walter Lawlor fireman National Fire Service
Richard Littlehailes retired member Indian Educational Service
Robert Henry Hill fireman National Fire Service
Ronald Herbert Candy major-general India Medical Service
William James Jones fireman Auxiliary Fire Service
Cecil Charles Murison retired colonel Indian Medical Service
Charles Edward Lamb retired captain HM Merchant Service
Charles Evan William Jones retired India Educational Service
Charles Henry James retired lieutenant-colonel Indian Medical Service
Edgar Oldroyd full-time fireman in National Fire Service
Edgar Rowe Parry retired lieutenant-colonel Indian Medical Service
Frederic Percival Mackie CSI retired Indian Medical Service
John William Clark column officer National Fire Service
Leonard James Stanbury patrol officer National Fire Service
Maurice Campbell Pook district warden Civil Defence Service
Norman Cyril Black member FAP Civil Defence Service
Reginald Victor Hubbard company officer National Fire Service
Thomas Stanley Guy column officer National Fire Service
Vernon Northwood Whitamore retired lieutenant-colonel Indian Medical Service
Walter de Merindol Malan retired Indian Civil Service
William John Wheaton Shears fireman National Fire Service
Charles Robert Mortimer Green retired colonel Indian Medical Service
Ernest George Dimmer senior company officer National Fire Service
Felix Oswald Newton Mell retired lieutenant-colonel Indian Medical Service
John Cecil McCarthy assistant district superintendent Trinity House Service
Ralph Kilwick Maskall retired principal lighthouse-keeper Trinity House Service
Terence Francis Owens retired lieutenant-colonel HM Indian Medical Service
Thomas Joseph Morris CMG retired civil servant Diplomatic Service
William Henry Sinclair Crofts mobilising officer National Fire Service
Thomas George Ferguson Paterson CB DSO retired major-general Indian Medical Service
David John Evans able seaman (Trinity Service)
Herman Arnold Marx assistant in Netherlands Shipping
Herman Arnold Marx assistant in Netherlands Shipping
Chapman Cohen president National Secular Society
Charles Percy Burton clerk Co-operative Society
George Henry Smith accountant Co-operative Society
Robert Mennell librarian British Sailors Society
Roger Barker Hornby librarian Law Society
Sydney Maurice Osborne secretary Co-operative Society
William Trayton Kenward collector Co-operative Society
Albert Austen Payne secretary Seamans Hospital Society
Harold Mortimer Angus secretary Baptist Missionary Society
John William Jones secretary to Co-operative Society
Norman Handley secretary to Carnforth Co-operative Society
Robert Henry Rosetti secretary National Secular Society
Walter Bowley chief clerk National Health Society
Walter Brindy Maycey registrar National Building Society
Walter Kirby chief executive officer Co-operative Society
Stanley Seaton Brown clerk to Cambridge Union Society
Alwyn Edgar Biscoe chief secretary Royal Life Saving Society
Frederick Charles Davies secretary for the Red Cross Society
Eric George Howes secretary to the Redditch Benefit Building Society
Stuart Perris Brearley fixer-reader for the Birmingham Electric Supply
Arthur David Bellingham civil assistant Ordnance Survey
William John Hawkey bursar Toc-H [Talbot House]
Arthur Frederick James prinicipal HM Treasury
Donald MacLeod Matheson secretary National Trust
Eric John Gipson Wright solicitors Rochester Trust
Hugh Owen clerk to the Carnarvon Harbour Trust
Lewis Loftus Baker bank sub-manager The Griqualand West Loan Trust
Frank Edward Steward steward and secretary to the Cliff House Trust
William Joseph Jordan high commissioner for New Zealand Public Trustee
Frank Lyons Moss solicitor The Perpetual Executors Trustees
John William Savage general foreman UDC
William Lewis Beetenson clerk to UDC
Alfred William Herbert Freebrey clerk to Utility Undertaking
Walter Thomas Wells hire department attendant Torquay Electrical Undertaking
Alfred Brander Johnston secretary Farmers Union
George Frederick Meredith secretary National Farmers Union
Griffith John Harris general superintendent Baptist Union
Tom Crain local secretary National Farmers Union
William Henry Ball minute secretary Baptist Union
Arthur John Maslen retired lecturer London University
John Henry Western lecturer at Manchester University
Neil Kensington Adam professor at Southampton University
Gilbert Ernest Allen chief departmental steward Bristol University
Aubrey Cecil Cooley staff-sergeant (armourer) USAAF
Albert William Smith lieutenant RN VR
David Charles Davies flying-officer RAF VR
Hugh Maitland Wilson squadron-leader RAF VR
John Herbert Horry lieutenant RN VR
Leonard John Fowler wing-commander RAF VR
Maurice William Claye flight-lieutenant RAF VR
Owen Ward Couper pilot-officer RAF VR
Robert Brierley Sears flight-lieutenant RAF VR
Thomas John Mammatt flight-lieutenant RAF VR
William George Clarke flight-lieutenant RAF VR
Winthrop Alison Bayley pilot-officer RAF VR
Ambrose Middleton Dawson flying officer RAF VR
Arthur Cromwell Bicknell flying officer RAF VR
Arthur Ferdinando Staveley Gough flight-lieutenant RAF VR
Cecil Percy Barratt pilot officer RAF VR
David William Donaldson flying officer RAF VR
Frank Adolph Arnold Instone flight-lieutenant RAF VR
Guy Francis Seymour Musson officer RAF VR
Lorenzo Arthur Thomas Pritchard squadron-leader RCAF VR
Hubert Edwin Dudlev Gutteridge pilot officer RAF VR
Hubert Edwin Dudley Gutteridge pilot officer RAF VR
Harold Charles Victor Yeeles examiner Royal Arsenal Woolwich
Reginald Aubrey Harris sheet metal Worker
John William Hill corporation employee Works
Ernest Wilford skilled labourer Admiralty Armament Works
Henry Charles Ferrett foreman on Government Works
Thomas Cresswell viewer in Raleigh Cycle Works
Henry Thomas Cuttress boiler caulker Southern Railway Works
Thomas George Hughes clerk at Mannesman Tube Works
George Vincent Hornby clerk at New Scotland Yard
Daniel Emrys Rees organising secretary YMCA
Joseph Hicks Spear assistant leader YMCA

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