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3 Feb 2018

Tracing Cousins, an Index to Articles

List of topics

Tracing cousins:

Ann, 18, not in South Africa : funny, well written
Clues from the cousins #1 : clever way to find Amy from Wales
Clues from the cousins #2 : old man's pen stroke leads to Ada
Come on Eileen : silly but worth a read
Davies? Evans? no problem  : finding an address
Facebook for finding cousins : beginner's guide
Faith, Hope and Ancestry : story of finding Louisa Smith
Found in Bradford  : bit geeky (concentrates on one finding)
Getting past missing marriages  : short and informative
Jamestown Pearls  : chatty story of finding great-uncle in USA
Long journey: 3 quick stories of hard-to-find relatives
Lost memories  : funny and well written
Making work for the postman : required reading on contacting new cousins
Meet Mr Zero : silly, brief
Miscellaneous marriage thoughts : bit geeky and uninformative
On a roll  : heavy going
Riddle of the timeshare  : long but well written
Taylors: delete
The sixteenth letter of the alphabet : heavy going with a clever tip
Tracing Wilcie Urch  : whirlwind success story
Who Exactly are Rachel's Kids?: story of diligence

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