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31 May 2010

#10 Trick to help your family history

Pinpoint your Jones using local records to help

I knew that my John E Jones was six in 1891, born in Tranmere, according to the census, but which one of the four possibles could be mine?
From using, and I divided them up
1884 - one was born in Tranmere, and died Q1 1885 Tranmere aged 0 (not ours)
1884 - one was born in Wallasey (not ours)
1885 - one was born in Q1
1885 - one was born in Q4 (too young, he would only be 5 in 1891)

Therefore Q4 1885 was not ours and therefore born in Wallasey
and Q1 1885 was ours, born Tranmere
If I have a spare £9.20 to spend, I could check.  The Cheshire baptisms listed at are very helpful too, for filling in gaps and identifying which parent had which child.

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