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31 May 2010

Counting and tabulation

Third cousins
I have
- 3 siblings
- 7 first cousins
- 12 second cousins
then my parents have 56 great-aunts and uncles (or maybe even sixty)....
so we start to get the big numbers
= 160 third cousins

Who else knows how many 3rd cousins they have?

Seize quartiers
To marry in France you ought to know your grandparents' names and all their grandparents' names, too.  Do you?  I do but as one was illegitimate and we lack birth records for the four Irish, going further back would be rather tricksy.

I can't think of any other things to count, but if anyone can think of any?
My poshest relative is..... Emily Grace Bagnell a barrister's daughter, descended from Edward III and a young heiress with too much money and the consequent short life expectancy
My least posh relative is.... William Smith who was living with his niece, after his father died - she was the housekeeper - when the inevitable happened in Norfolk

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