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1 Jun 2011

hi Viscount

from the stormy seas of the Haine family I think I see security, a stronghold, a comfy seat and a sunny spot in the mountains. Yes it's the 8th Viscount Exmouth! He's only just visible through the foliage of other family trees but hello anyway. Those familiar with my Haine's will know I have two. One resulted in a website, a book and two trips to the States. The other resulted in Emily Grace Lister a ward of Chancery, barrister's daughter, descendant of Edward III and defendant in the celebrated Lister v. Lister trial of 1864 which her lawyers lost but which remains as a key ruling in estate law. She then got married and at her death is listed as resident of Pau, Basse-PyrenĂ©es. However all this comes to an abrupt terminus at Chandernagore where the Haine's only fruit drops dead at 22 and we all cast about for some other project to fulfil. As did her husband. He was in the 12th of Foot and has a son by a German woman in 1870 for whom he provided. Emily leaves nothing to her mother but instead her sister in law Mary Elizabeth Bagnell is the second residuary legatee. Mary was mother of the Viscount. I only found this out when googling the name of her father, priest in the Church of Ireland in Co Tipperary. As a twist another of the Count's uncles married Miss Cocks of Leigh in Worcestershire relative of a colleague of mine. So we have gone halves on the nobleman. Though he only got the title after a lifetime in France aged nearly 80 so is unlikely to reply were I to say 'hi Viscount'.

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