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23 Jan 2012

The female line of the Scott sisters

Betty and Sarah Scott between them had 14 daughters, but none have a line to continue.  Susanna's great-grandson died in 2001, the last of her female line.  While her sister Martha's female line died out ten years before, despite going a generation deeper into modern times.

Martha was the bearer of the line through her eldest daughter Mary, herself having four daughters, but only her youngest, who sailed for Adelaide aged 17, another Martha, can have family.

We wish that line luck.  To find the line in any numbers in England, we have to go back to the 1690s.  Miriam Bond had a niece, though, Anna Feltham who wandered up the aisle to marry three days shy of childbirth.  The line continues through her in NSW, Kimberley South Africa and the States.

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