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12 Jan 2012

On a roll

I have got a trip to Kew booked, and also six delightful electoral registers zooming their way down the motorway from Boston Spa.  I used these last week to successfully find my John B Jones, and am now hooked!  The electoral rolls for the address I had in the Midlands showed that John's wife was Ann E.  He was the only John B in the entire country to have a wife named Ann E.  This made it very easy to find them in North Wales, and to drill down and by sheer determination get their address - only to discover they had moved to Cheshire!  But we are now in touch, and I have discovered that his sister actually had an unusual first name which she didn't use - another barrier to me finding the family, apart from the well known name of Jones!  I can't take a picture I'm afraid: they are very strict about electoral rolls at the British Library.  I am just slightly further ahead in finding my Tom Jones of Queensferry.  I found his son in the 1950 electoral roll for Sealand, lately married, and Tom appears to be living next door with his wife... but this turns out to be wrong. Tom was not this man but was living at Garden City.

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