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23 Jan 2012

Somerset to New York: and did it rain

This posts follows on from Great Scott!

Jimmy also wanted to know if our forebears Thomas and Martha Creed (nee Scott) had gone out to the States in 1822 as per the vicar's note of that effect. Well, thanks to the Butleigh website, FamilySearch, and our Scott tree, it is now a simple matter to see that the following neighbours and relatives DID go out to the States at about the time we mention:

Benjamin Clarke (married to Martha's cousin), his sister Priscilla Lamport, James Scott and his nephews the Downs, plus the Swantons, all went out about 1823 to Delaware County, New York.  This was it seems the place to go for our Somerset farming community; just a generation later, the woods of Ohio were next for our Somerset man's plough.  The Ohio option created immense ripples in the Somerset community, and perhaps the New York passages caused similar hubbub.

This small discovery rehabilitates Thomas Creed, who we had thought was given to whimsy, with talk of going to America.  But of this trip his wife would certainly have approved, and perhaps joined him. We have only very odd testimonies to examine. Miriam, their daughter, was forever terrified of thunderstorms.  Had she witnessed a great one in the US or on board ship?  It is pretty marvellous to hypothesise about a storm in the Atlantic 1823, just from a few parish register and census entries.  Again, it is just possible that incoming shipping records may provide an answer.

The last grandchild, James Creed (1809) is widely thought by me to have died as a boy in the States, with his father.


  1. Replying to faustinlondon: Priscilla Clarke Lamport from West Pennard, Somerset was my great, great, great, grandmother. She sailed from Bristol with her husband John Lamport and son Thomas and came to Bovina (Delaware County) New York. John, Priscilla, and Thomas are buried in South Kortright, Delaware County not far from the Lamport Homestead which was located just south of Hobart.
    SAB - New York USA

    1. Thanks Sally. Great to hear from a connection still in the state. I think the whole area sounds fascinating and Bovina historical society have done a lot, I think. I'm trying to find some of Benjamin Clarke's family. There's more information on my site under Scotts and you can email from there direct, also, if you'd like. DW


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