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12 Jan 2012

A wellspring of descendants - all thanks to the right church

After Christmas 2011 I was cross with my father, and yet when I sat in my rooftop eyrie, back in the warmth, it was to his Tyneside ancestor I turned my bow.

I knew that Joseph Gibson married at St John the Baptist, Newcastle 1862, so it is a surprise it took me two years until today to work out his older sister Ann had married there two years earlier.  Every so often I have a purge of hard-to-remove stains from the family tree, and Ann's missing path was one of these.  I am searching through all the Newcastle marriages at the Newcastle register office website and I found several entries where the all-important page number had been misindexed at freebmd.  I corrected these, and set about exploring Ann's descendants.  I had to wait for the certificate to confirm it all. It seemed this lady is one of the family, and through her agent I later find she was living yards away from my rooftop eyrie.

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