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8 Feb 2012

Types of relationship

A researcher in Basingstoke found a few years ago that many stated male parents were not actual the fathers of their children.  Probably the men knew this.  A Maori woman might have children with several men before her family approve of her marrying one.  In England the pressures are different.   Here is a perfectly ordinary looking woman with a very sensible name gambling so she can have her 'big day' which Englishwoman see as their birthright (according to advertisers, at least).  There is less societal pressure for weddings, and many more opportunities to meet men unchaperoned.

People always ask 'how do you know the husband of a married woman is the father?'  The answer, at least before 1900, is that there were few chances for women to have encounters with anyone else.   This wasn't Victorian morals, as much as a Victorian awareness of how immoral we really were.

But here are two, perhaps related, screenshots of a modern age (the second is from GenoPro).

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