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17 Jul 2012

Percy Hammond-Bell

Finally Percy Creed Bell born 1873 Abersychan Monmouthshire run to ground as Percy Hammond-Bell, acting as best man to a fancy wedding in Hollywood June 1896 and then witnessing gangland Chinese murder the next month, July 1896 and having to undergo long trial which seems to have culminated in October.See Californian Digital Newspaper Collection.  Not surprisingly, Percy vacated the area and pops up in Omaha NE, Washington State and finally Salem, Oregon, near where his brother is also recorded as living in the 1930 census.  He survived the trial over sixty years, dying about age 85 in 1958.  I wonder if his family in Somerset followed the news.  He was described as a gentlemanly looking Englishman, and occasionally wavered over testimony due to the pressure.  He was a 'kingpin witness'.  His father was a Methodist minister, then of Ipswich (per newspaper and Hill's Arrangement which lists ministers).

The science part? I saw Percy H Bell in the US censuses. I pondered on (a) if he was ours, then (b) what would the H stand for. I had earlier found that his sister's middle name of Hammond was actually their grandmother's maiden name (source: probate indexes, familysearch) and concluded that searching the internet for 'Percy Hammond Bell' might just be worthy of my time. It took me straight to our Chinese gangland moment.

Further updates? Percy lost his elder son in the Columbia River, 1919, and lost his reputation a matter of years later. His younger son was much engaged but seemingly the last of the line, passing in 1977.

James Creed b 1809 West Pennard, Som

Unclear yet if he was
1841 West London Union with wife Sarah, (stepson?) Henry, daughter Martha and future children Angeline (?) and Sarah Mary Ann (1842).
There is a John Creed and wife Ann Gilbertson in the area at the same time, who also baptise children including Angeline at St Andrew Holborn.

James Creed married April 1837, before civil registration, to Sarah Harrison at St Lawrence Jewry/Mary Magdalene, Milk Street, City.

They live Hamilton Twp, Ontario 1851, 1871 and must be there 1881 as James and Sarah's deaths are recorded in the province and certificates may give more information.

Martha Eliza Creed 1839 married Charles Robert Hunt and died 1909 giving father's name as JC - a photograph of her is apparently currently live at

Not sure where descendant Ann Hunt Zindler is - posted information about her ten years ago, 2002.

Sarah Mary Ann Creed is recorded as Mary Ann in 1851, and marriage record not found, nor what became of Henry.