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6 Apr 2014

Miscellaneous marriage thoughts: Paris matches

There was not a single Jenkins-Jenkins marriage in Llandovery for over 40 years.

I have had a look at the miscellaneous overseas marriages included since September 2013 on Ancestry.  I did find my waiter Joe Makepeace from Marylebone marrying in Paris & Vicinity (don't know that town) to Marie Alexandrine Mere about 1873.  He had likely met her at the Castle in Perthshire where he was second footman.  I also found my Mary Bagnell marrying 1867, in the English Episcopal Church, Rue d'Aguesseau 'in the house of the Ambassador' with his consent.  Her place of origin is given as Attanagh, Queen's County (now Laois).  This was useful.  Her groom was from Dover and her brother had married at Sittingbourne.  The Earl of Orkney is shown as the absentee landlord of Grenan townland, Attanagh with Mary's mother Rebecca occupying and sub-letting.  The family must have approved as her brother the doctor witnesses.  (Their son later got hit with a viscountcy while on the Pyrenees.)

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