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16 Feb 2015

Everything but the Pit Yakkers: Counties Occupied by a Somerset Farming Family

Have you ever dreamt of your descendants occupying the whole of England?*

With scarcely any artistic licence, the Hutton family from Ditcheat, Somerset, stand out for me as having occupied every single English county (bar one - clue is the accent) since the original couple married in 1788.  As you'll see the majority of these counties were populated within three generations (number in parentheses) and by folk of the actual name Hutton.  These were offspring of the eldest son, by and large, William.  Several sons and grandsons managed big estates, which accounts for a new jumping-off point for the next generation.

I have left in Nottinghamshire, as surely somebody from the Warwickshire or Leicestershire families popped across the border at some point or other.  This post will self-destruct by 2016 if I haven't found a Nottinghamshire Hutton by then.

I have included counties if someone was documented to have lived there, or if a vital event took place there.  Weak counties so far include Bedfordshire (1881 census only) and Cumbria (where a birth happened in 1918).

The list of ceremonial counties are minimised to include all the amalgamated counties of 1974, but none of the new ones that were introduced the same day *wink*.  A poncier definition might be - all current ceremonial counties are included, except where these were wholly contained in one or more pre-1974 counties.

Bedfordshire - Harry Hutton (3)
Berkshire - Arthur Alford (4)
Buckinghamshire - Pat Haill (5)
Cambridgeshire - Henry Plaister (2)
Cheshire - Martha Preece (4)
Cornwall - Dawn Cossey (5)
Cumbria - Gladys Hutton (4)
Derbyshire - Alfred Moody (3)
Devon - Richard Plaister (3), David Hutton (5)
Dorset - Mary Hutton (Beck) (4)
Durham (Co) - 
Essex - Francis Price (3)
Gloucestershire - Emily Plaister (2), Reginald Hutton (4)
Greater London - Jane Hutton (1), William Plaister (2), Evelyn Hutton (3)
Hampshire - Elizabeth Hutton (Morrish) (1)
Herefordshire - Thomas Hutton (3?), Annie Griffin (4)
Hertfordshire - Annie Price (3)
Huntingdonshire - Mary Plaister (3)
Kent - Edmund Hutton (3)
Lancashire - William Preece (4)
Leicestershire - Philip Hutton (4)
Lincolnshire - Jane Chippett (2)
Middlesex - Mary Chippett (2)
Norfolk - Alfred Morley (5), Molly Snelling (5)
Northamptonshire - Robert King (3), Philip Hutton (4)
Northumberland - Anthony Beck (5)
Nottinghamshire - surely somebody!
Oxfordshire - Maurice Hutton (4)
Shropshire - Thomas Hutton (3)
Somerset - Robert Hutton (2)
Staffordshire - Nellie Moody (4)
Suffolk - Mary King (3), John Preece (4), Ernest Hutton (4)
Surrey - Henry Hutton (2), Arthur Barlow (3)
Sussex - Ellen Hutton (4), Herbert Hutton (4)
Warwickshire - Ellen Hutton (Pullen) (2), Albert Tilling (3)
Wiltshire - Elizabeth Hutton (Preece) (3), Robert Hutton (3)
Worcestershire - William Kingston (5)
Yorkshire - Ethel Snape (4), Ronald Heard (5)
*It is hard work creating catchy first-lines

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