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2 Oct 2015

LostCousins: Using iMacros to upload information quickly

Some time ago I paid for FindMyPast's transcriptions for a number of 1911 census entries, and stored the resulting information in a text file.
I then pasted this into Excel (image 1).   I was then able to populate each entry with the necessary reference numbers (enumeration district/ folio) which it can be seen I have placed in the second and third columns.
I then deleted the superfluous columns and arranged for an automated process (certainly not me typing) to carefully place these entries one at a time into the LostCousins database.  I have not yet received any leads from these, nor do I expect to, as most LostCousins users do not use the 1911 census, but rather the 1881 or 1901.
I might repeat the operation with the 1881 census; although I find this the most boring of censuses imaginable, and cannot think of a single interesting entry from this year for my entire family tree!
The earlier censuses are exciting (1861, 1871) as they were for so long unindexed; while 1851 holds the promise of very early ancestors' siblings captured clinging onto life.  The subsequent (1891-) censuses show a move towards the civilised Edwardian age and consequent urban immigration.

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