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2 Oct 2015

More Goodies from FindMyPast probate index 1858-1959

My relatives prove two Chard wills back-to-back: both Thomas Tabor and Sidney Creighton were relatives.
A young deceased daughter of Eliza Pittard (Dening) is revealed with her cousins, now grown up, sorting her estate after Mrs Dening had died (24 years later).
A big find here with news of William Indoe Smith.  This entry enabled me to find the family in the 1911 census for Lambeth.
Welch - a significant moment in the girls' lives as they take stock.  Fourteen years later and there would be no trace of them in England - the waters closing in behind them.
Nice to see Elizabeth's death finally found, for 1868.  I must have combed through the rotting volumes several times.  She was the only one of her sisters still in England and the sister in Australia had dreamt of Elizabeth dying - a few days later confirmation came.  Good to have this tidied up.  I'm not sure how I missed this.  Nathaniel, the guardian of her children, dies ten years later, and the eldest child barely 20 manages to gives birth to twins the same year.
Mary Biging is named and could possibly be a relative, as Davis was hardly conveniently situated to prove this will.  But she was a wealthy lady.  It is good to find wills like this - no doubt an interesting read.

Various sightings of Edwin Haine Padfield proving wills and confirming his address on several occasions, even providing a detailed address.  No sign of the will he proved in 1914 for Charles Clark, perhaps the OCR didn't capture this. 

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