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2 Mar 2016

Illegitimate sister born 1920, garbled details? Give me 2 minutes...

Oh my goodness. Just got off the phone to a new cousin in the Midlands, born 1939. He remembers he had a sister born 1922 called Jane, born illegitimately, who went out to America as a young girl, presumably with another family.

Bless him, it turns out that everything he recalled was incorrect, although in many ways it was still true. I found the birth for Calista (not Jane), 1919 not 1922 and traveling out to Australia, not the US!

Luckily I had an open mind. The story doesn't end there. As the sister was happily falling nursing her new baby in Australia, 1938, her mother back in England unexpectedly fell pregnant with my cousin (above).

I hope to corroborate this story shortly and put the families in touch. Not bad for an hour's work!

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