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11 Apr 2011

The Maternal Line of Mary Murrow, Almesforde, Somerset - some offshoots

Ned Dike haulier Ansford b 1735
Dinah (#2)
William Speed overseer Ansford b 1728
Abraham Slade wheelwright later accountant coal mine Midsomer Norton b 1784
Agnes (Betty(#2))
Francis Ireson Morrish farmer NSW b 1819
Elizabeth (#44)
William Hutton churchwarden Bourton b 1791
Henry Hutton Plaister hairdresser Cambridge b 1835
Richard Henry Plaister cycledealer Totnes b 1905
Bessie (#46)
Robert (Bob) King teadealer Spalding Lincs b 1870
Charles Barlow b 1865 of Shades Hotel Spilsby
William Symes Hockey b 1829 farmer Charlton Adam
Frederick Symes Crocker b 1835 baker Somerton
Mary Gear Crocker b 1842 baker’s wife Somerton (sister of #52)
Jane (#50)
Louisa Ann Smith schoolmistress Alhampton b 1853 (#52)

Eustace Welch grocer Midsomer Norton b 1872
Jane (#59)
Herbert Leaver tanner Yeovil b 1872
William Exton Treasure fmr Brewham b 1857
Edward Bond fmr Brewhamfields b 1744
Vera Green fmr Ibberton b 1917
Amy (#76)
Edgar Exton Jackson fmr Saskatchewan. b 1884
Annie (#75)
John Haine fmr Stone E Pennard b 1847
Jane (#73)
William Haine fmr Westholme Pilton b 1806
Elizabeth Edney died Port Antonio Jamaica 1828 b 1801
Jim Bryant fmr Stratton b 1877
John Lockyer cattle dealer Motcombe b 1908
Susan (#80)
Victor Duffett farmer Dorset b 1905
Elizabeth (#83)
Egbert Creed fmr Evercreech b 1871
Geoffrey Green fmr South Somerset b 1920
Joseph Padfield fmr Birtsmorton Court Worcestershire b 1842
James Scott Boyce meat salesman Islington b 1806
Thomas Creed carpenter Woolwich b 1811
Frederick Maidment fmr West Bradley b 1857
Sarah (#89)
Julia Rhymes housekeeper to Rufus Maidment Henstridge b 1841
Sidney Martin fmr Suddon Grange Wincanton b 1849
Miriam (#89)
Patty Tucker b 1722 murdered wife of Reginald who hung at Wells #17

Michael Collins linen draper Bridport b 1770
Frances Miller landlord’s wife Wells Tavern Hampstead b 1844 #37

Dora Lewis and sisters died in likely fire Catford 1920 b 1854
Richard Phipps draper Bracknell b 1846
Edwin Eades blacksmith Charlton Adam b 1827
Benjamin Kingston b 1792 fmr East Pennard

The Maternal Line of Mary Murrow, Almesforde, Somerset

I've been on the trail of the descendants in the female line of Mary Murrow, farmer's wife of Almesforde, now Ansford, Somerset.  She it seems died in 1756 well on in her eighties having survived all of her three daughters, Elizabeth, Frances and Mary.  In red are the only ones we think might be left to continue the line, despite the hive of activity in the 19th century.  Edith Barlow of Shades Hotel Spilsby produced a daughter when she was forty, and may have family living.  Sophia #92 was in Australia, died aged 31, but is the best chance of having family in this line.  The large red box is doing very nicely, and only found out about them in December.  I think Anna #50 may yet surprise us: I have found one of her daughters in Springfield Illinois, and she may lead us on to the others.  Emily, daughter of #55 could be in South Africa.